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cockapoo-healthA very healthy breed, but keep an eye on their teeth and gum disease, the poodle in your Cockerpoo could mean they are more susceptible. Also toy and miniature poodles occasionally suffer from kneecaps that slip, this could show itself in your Cockerpoo. 

Their large flap ears can harbour all sorts of creatures, so keep an eye out for ticks and foreign bodies that shouldn’t be there.  Ears can also get caught on prickly bushes so check for cuts and scratches.


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    Useful tips for grooming your Cockapoo

    Cockapoos have a unique coat, being part Poodle and part Cocker Spaniel. Here are some useful tips for grooming these little dogs. What kind of fur do Cockapoos have? A lot of people say that Cockapoos don’t shed, but this isn’t entirely true. Whilst they don’t tend to shed hair on a continuous basis like…   Read More »

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    Understanding your Cockapoo’s temperament

    Cockapoos are a firm favourite in the canine world. They’re bright, energetic, and intelligent. This makes them fantastic family pets! However, there is far more to these little dogs than meets the eye. If you want to get a Cockapoo, you’ll need to get a good idea of this breed’s temperament and personality. Here are…   Read More »

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    Training a Cockapoo

    Are you wondering what it’s like to train a Cockapoo? These happy, friendly little dogs are relatively easy to train, once you understand the breed. Here are some things you should know before you begin. A Cockapoo pup needs early socialization This breed is happy, and quite relaxed around new people. However, like all puppies,…   Read More »

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    Should I get a Cockapoo?

    This is a very personal decision, and not one you will find a straight yes or no answer to! However, to help you make up your mind about getting a Cockapoo, here are a few important questions to ask yourself. Do you have someone with allergies in your household? If the person with the allergies…   Read More »

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    Interesting facts about the Cockapoo

    These lovable little dogs have a few fascinating secrets up their sleeves. Read on to find out some interesting facts about this breed. Cockapoos are good for people with allergies Whilst not completely hypo-allergenic, these cute little dogs do come with less fur and less dander (skin flakes) than other breeds. This means that they’re…   Read More »

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    How to choose a Cockapoo

    This lovely breed can bring a lot of joy to your home, provided you choose your puppy and breeder wisely. With this in mind, you’ll need to make a few basic decisions before you go out and get a Cockapoo pup. Here are some of them. What size Cockapoo should I get? You might be…   Read More »

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    Health problems in Cockapoos

    Cockapoos are what is known as a hybrid breed, which means they have been produced by breeding from two different dog breeds – the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel. In general, they are much healthier than purebred dogs because they have a mixed gene pool and therefore come with less of the problems associated with…   Read More »

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    Cockapoo History

    Learn where this special little dog came from and how the Cockapoo became a popular breed in its own right. Hybrid breeds and crossbreeding As you may already know, the Cockapoo is the product of crossing a Poodle with a Cocker Spaniel. This practice of cross-breeding isn’t new, however, some people who prefer purebreds are…   Read More »

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    Cockapoo FAQs

    How well do you know your Cockapoo? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this breed. Are Cockapoos good with children? Yes. Cockapoos have quite a gentle, affectionate nature which makes them good for families with children. They’re also a good size for youngsters as they aren’t too physically strong to be…   Read More »

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    6 Things Cockapoos need to be happy

    These happy little dogs have an interesting heritage. On both the Poodle and the Spaniel sides, their ancestors were retriever dogs, responsible for fetching and retrieving game that had been shot by their masters. Most of us know that the Springer Spaniel is a typical gun dog, but the Poodle was once known as a…   Read More »

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