Cockapoo dogs - Cockapoo history

Around the late 1950s, the Cockerpoo first appeared in the US, which is where the American Cocker Spaniel influence started the breeding of these so called “designer” dogs and are one of the oldest hybrid breeds. The American Cocker was crossed with both Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles.  The breed came to the UK around 10 years ago and was given the “designer” label, but this is now being dropped as the dogs are now being appreciated for their many qualities.  Some breeders have aimed to produce a dog that conforms to a standard, but because Cockerpoos can be derived from four different breeds– American and English Cockers and Toy and Miniature Poodles – setting a standard is rather difficult, so you will always get a slight variety.  The fact that there are three types of Cocker Spaniel in the mix helps for great variety, but great difficulty in setting breed standards – the American Show Cocker, the English Show Cocker and the Working Cocker.  All three types of cocker vary greatly and could really be considered different breeds, but they are all Cockers.  This means that in one litter you can have dramatically different looking puppies in all sorts of colour variations and mixes, depending on the genetic lineage.